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We at Church of the Holy Family are truly blessed to have an active Caring Clown Ministry. People who are interested in this wonderful volunteer opportunity are led through a series of training sessions, preparing them to become a clown who makes the commitment to visit residents of a local nursing home of their choice. Currently there are 6 clowns who visit local nursing homes on a regular basis.

A clip from Crossroads Magazine on Nicole and the Caring Clown Ministry.

These training sessions include shadowing Nic-Nac the clown as she visits St. Joseph's Living Center in Windham, CT. Learning about the different types of clowns and choosing the one which is best suited for you; learning proper make-up application techniques, clown etiquette, and other various clown skills.

Clown Ministry is a most-rewarding experience for all! One in which we are transformed into Ambassadors of Joy and Good Will. Clowns go from room to room, visiting with residents, dispensing love, laughter, hugs and smiles. You have to experience it yourself to fully feel and see the effects of this tremendous ministry!

Residents come alive when they see their friend, the clown, enter the room! Some won't take their medicine unless the clown tells them they should. Some don't speak or react, except for when the clown visits. Others laugh and make conversation for the first time in months. The rewards are just too many for words.

All are invited to join! Help us spread this very special kind of love and happiness to those who are so in need of a little tenderness! If you are interested, call Nic-Nac the clown at 860-228-0096 option 4. Anytime! No question is too silly.......All you need is a heart full of love and a willingness to share that love with those who so appreciate it! We hope to talk with you soon!!!


If the whole world would walk with the feet of a clown;CB7
They'd be walkin' on sunshine, the whole world around.
Their feet would be lighter, than moonlight you see;
For where ever they walk, silver footprints you'd see.
They'd walk on the trails, with the lonely and lost;
They'd dance on the raindrops, and tip toe with Jack Frost.
They would go places they never have been;
To meet all the shut-in's whom they would befriend.
Now their feet might get dusty, tired and sore;
But to make one feel wanted, they'd go one mile more.
They'd walk cross the desert, through jungle terrain;
To reach out to others, whose lives are in pain.
They'd travel the by-ways and trod through the towns;
To show all the lonely, there's love to be found.
Yes, the feet of a clown are very unique;
'Cause they take them to places, where few others seek.
And yes there's a purpose, in those silly old shoes;
They help to show others, they can dance away blues.
If each one would walk with the feet of a clown,
Al those with heartache would someday be found.
- "Homer" and "Dee" Burda

ChairPerson: Nicole Bernier
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Church of the Holy Family
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