Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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I'm sure you are all aware of Hurricane Matthew hitting Haiti.  I wanted 
to tell you what we did in preparation, and what we will do in 

We prepared the two locations (mission house, and offices/clinic) as 
well as we could.

The offices were closed for Monday and Tuesday and may be for Wednesday.

I have been in touch with Joel, our operations director, and Fr Frank.  
So far everything is ok

Joel will contact me when the hurricane is through.  Most of our 
employees live in Cayes, which is in a harder hit area.  As of10:30
this morning, they and their families were fine.

Fr Frank will contact all the twins in Haiti when the hurricane is 
through, and let the US twin know the situation.  Obviously with the 
rain and the position of many of the twins, flooding and mud slides are 
a significant risk.

We will be posting information on the website, so you can check there as 
well.  www.outreachtohaiti.org.

Coincidentally, I am currently on a 337 mile bike ride to raise funds to 
rebuild our clinic and mission house.  The clinic is the most vulnerable 
of the Outreach facilities, as it is the plywood and tin roof structure 
that was put in place after the earthquake.  The need for a rapid 
conclusion to the capital campaign may escalate.

Please continue your prayers for all those in Haiti.  We will be in 
touch with more information.



Church of the Holy Family
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Saint Columba Catholic Church 
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