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Masses at Holy Family

Saturday Afternoon at 5:00
Sunday Morning at 9:30

Masses at St. Columba

Sunday Morning at 8:00
Sunday Morning at 11:00

At Holy Family, Hebron
Tues. & Thurs. 7:00pm
At St. Columba's, Columbia
Wed. & Fri. 9:00am

Saturday at Holy Family
4:00 - 4:30pm or by appt.

Saint Columba Catholic Church Community Connection Committee,  Established October, 2013


Patti Ritchie, Chairperson

Jan Collard, Janice Moffitt, Lorraine Elliott, Maria Gratton, Michele Thorn



Mission Statement:

“In the spirit of giving back to our community, our mission is to help those in need and to help those whose mission is to enhance the lives of others.  In doing so, we are sharing some of our blessings to help bless others.


The purpose of this committee is to act in a careful manner and be prayerful stewards of the Sunday offertory of our Parishioners. Our committee will allocate the tithe of our Parish prudently, looking for those opportunities that will have the greatest and longest lasting benefit.

As we witness the resources available through being grateful and generous givers, we have become excited about what God can accomplish through us.

Is there a charity that has touched you or someone you know? Do you know of a local, smaller charity that helps the poor or distressed in a special way?

Would you like to help them help others? If so, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact any member of the Community Connection Committee to request a donation form

“God’s Work is accomplished on Earth through the tithes and offerings of God’s people.”




Community Connection Committee Minutes March 2016








Church of the Holy Family
185 Church Street Amston, CT 06231
(860) 228-0096

Saint Columba Catholic Church 
328 Route 66, Columbia, CT 06237
(860) 228-3727