Tuesday, January 16, 2018

All Are Welcome!

The Church of the Holy Family
St. Columba Catholic Church

Mass Schedule

Masses at Holy Family

Saturday Afternoon at 5:00
Sunday Morning at 9:30

Masses at St. Columba

Sunday Morning at 8:00
Sunday Morning at 11:00

At Holy Family, Hebron
Tues. & Thurs. 7:00pm
At St. Columba's, Columbia
Wed. & Fri. 9:00am

Saturday at Holy Family
4:00 - 4:30pm or by appt.

We offer two methods of giving that track your contributions. These are reported to you annually for tax purposes. Your two options are church envelopes or electronic funds transfer.

Church Envelopes:  If you are not using church envelopes, please contact the parish office. ACH / EFT:
Electronic Funds Transfer (or EFT) enables you to automatically send financial contributions from your bank to the Church of the Holy Family. In addition to providing the resources for the activities of our Church, using EFT eliminates the need for remembering your envelope and checkbook each Sunday before Mass. Even on weeks that you are unable to attend mass, EFT will ensure that you can still meet your stewardship commitment.

To enroll in the program:

  • Complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Form with your name, address and bank account number.
  • Specify the type of account from which your funds will be withdrawn (if this is a checking account, please include a voided check).
  • Specify the amount of your offering and the donation schedule most convenient for you.
  • You have the option to give every week, or once or twice per month - whichever works best for you.
  • According to that schedule, your offering will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account and deposited in the Church of the Holy Family’s account at our bank (The Savings Institute in Hebron).
  • You can also elect to have an additional monthly offering to support our capital maintenance and improvements.
  • Return the completed form (and your voided check) to the church by mailing it to the parish office or by placing it in a sealed envelope in the offering basket at mass.
  • Your form is kept locked and secured to ensure it remains confidential.
  • For you convenience a copy of the EFT enrollment form is available in the 'Document and Forms' page.

We will setup your automated donation as you direct through a secure online system with The Savings Institute. There is no charge for you to use this process, and you can cancel at anytime by giving us 30 days notice.

Electronic Transactions through The Savings Institute use the Federal Reserve Banking System. This is the same secure system that banks use to transfer money. It’s also the same system you may use when making automated payments such as credit card payments, mortgage payments, or telephone bills. Therefore, it has the same level of security protection that these institutions must have in place to keep such transactions safe and confidential. If you would like more details about the security technology, please see the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact parishioner Tom Griffin. Other Donations:
If you would like to make a dontion for the general use of the parish, for a specific purpose fund, or for a memorial for a loved one please contact us.

Church of the Holy Family
185 Church Street Amston, CT 06231
(860) 228-0096

Saint Columba Catholic Church 
328 Route 66, Columbia, CT 06237
(860) 228-3727